PG Cooper: Best Comedy and Animated Film (2011)

Posted: January 4, 2012 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in PGCMAs

*Why a totem? I wanted a physical item to represent these awards, so I decided to borrow an item from last year’s PGCMA Best Picture winner, Inception.

Best Comedy

50/50- A cancer comedy could have gone so very wrong. It could have been inappropriately funny and offensive, or it could have been far too depressing to be enjoyed. Yet Will Reiser’s great script and Jonathan Levine’s careful direction manage to walk the line between comedy and drama perfectly. Funnier than most comedies, more touching than most dramas, 50/50 delivers everything you could want.

The Descendants- While it isn’t as funny as Payne’s previous film Sideways, The Descendants still managed to crack me up with it’s very honest and very blunt depiction of life. The film also has it’s share of drama too, in fact I’d say it’s more on the dramatic side. Admittedly, I think at times the film’s drama and comedy conflicted, but it’s rare that you’ll find a film so dramatic and yet so funny at the same time.

Horrible Bosses- It isn’t deep, it isn’t thought-provoking, but it is very funny. The story of three normal guys who decide to kill their bosses. As expected, it’s the bosses here that steal the show. Kevin Spacey plays a role that I’m sure wasn’t hard for him, but he was really funny to watch. Jennifer Aniston was great as the sex obsessed dentist, and Colin Farrell, wow, talk about funny. There’s also a great small part played by Jamie Foxx.

Midnight in Paris- While the film’s premise may not scream gut busting hilarity, it kept me laughing consistently throughout. The dialogue flows very naturally and there’s an amusing nature to the film. Most of my laughs come from Owen Wilson, Corey Stoll’s intense Ernest Hemingway, and Adrien Brody’s bizarre Pablo Picasso. On top of all that, the story and dialogue are very enchanting and the film leaves you with a good feeling.

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas- Looking at straight up laughter, this was easily the funniest movie I saw all year. Pretty much from beginning to end I was laughing my ass off, and thought almost every joke worked. Highlights include Wafflebot, Neil Patrick Harris, heaven, Danny Trejo, the two tree salesmen, the claymation scene, the Christmas Story reference, and tons more. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas left me in stitches.

And The Winner Is…




Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris wasn’t the funniest film of the nominees, nor was it the deepest, nor was it the most well acted. So what made it the best film of the bunch? The story. This is a film which wraps you up in it’s story and takes you on a wild ride. I was in love with every moment, and left the theater with a great feeling no amount of laughs could equal.

Best Animated Film

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn- I was disappointed with Tintin, but there’s still a lot to admire. For one, the animation is absolutely stellar. It looks cartoonish and yet realistic at the same time. The cast is also really good, with Daniel Craig and Andy Serkis standing out. Finally, I love the action scenes Spielberg puts together which are simply stellar.

Batman: Year One- I have an unofficial rule that I ignore movies that didn’t get any form of theatrical release. And yet, like last year I find myself giving a singe nomination to a DC animated film. Simply put, Batman: Year One is the best of their original movies and made me reconsider my rule. I almost nominated the film in a series of other categories. The film is a faithful adaptation to Miller’s original graphic novel, both visually and story wise. It also sports a great performance from Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon.

Rango- The most striking thing about Rango is the excellent animation. Not only does it look great, but it looks so different. Most CG films try to look cute and adorable. Just look at Tintin. But Rango is downright ugly. These characters look disgusting and gross and my god it’s awesome. But the movie also functions as a great Western with a cool story, fun characters, and exciting action.

And The Winner Is…





I did consider Year One, but Rango owns this award. I love the characters, and the actions scenes are great. The story, while a bit on the predictable side, is still a lot of fun. Most importantly, given that this award is for animated films, the animation itself was a big deal for films vying for this award. Simply put, this was the most ambitiously animated film of the year. Now the Tintin animation was ambitious too, but we’ve seen similar mocap stuff in Robert Zemeckis’ series of animated films. Rango on the other hand is completely unique.

  1. ianthecool says:

    I think I like Tintin more than Rango to be honest. But I still think Rango was a very good film, and very different.

  2. I’ve got your back on Rango, PG.

    AWESOME movie. I felt like it took about a million chances. Unique as hell, and absolutely nothing like what you’d expect from a “kids” movie.

    Brilliant flick. Absolutely pained me when I had to take it’s already written blurb out of my top ten for….

    Midnight in Paris.

    Which was awesome, no argument. its top ten for me. NOt sure I’d call it a comedy even though it has a lot of funny moments. But then I guess, it would be a difficult movie to categorize… probably have to be a comedy no? Nevermind, disregard me. Nothing to see here people…

    • pgcooper1939 says:

      I know what you mean about Midnight. It doesn’t really try for jokes, it just IS funny.

      BTW, reading your comment makes me think of “The Wizard of Oz”, (“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,”) lol.

  3. I’m so thrilled to see Harold & Kumar get some attention here. I know that I liked White Castle more, but this third installment was still pretty good (or at least bad in a funny way), and may become a new pseudo-Christmas classic for me. Thanks for including it!

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