PG Cooper: Batman: Beyond The Dark Knight Rises Part Two

Posted: July 29, 2012 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in Commentary

Welcome back to “Beyond The Dark Knight Rises”. In the last part, I talked about the possibilities of continuing the Nolanverse, looking at what Warner Bros. could do, should do, and probably will do. In this instalment, I’m going to look at what Warner Bros. will most likely choose to do; a reboot of the series. Should they go down this road, I have an idea that I think would really separate them from the Nolan films. I would base the world and the characterization of Batman off of the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Videogames FTW!

I wanna make it clear that I don’t want to see the story of Arkham Asylum adapted for film (though I’m not against that either), but I want the feel of Arkham Asylum. The game opens up with an already established world, assuming that the audience already knows the fundamentals of Batman and his more well-known rogues gallery. We’ve already scene a lot of backstory for Batman and his villains, and we don’t need to retread the story yet again. To help establish this world, during the opening credits of the film, you can briefly show glimpses of Batman’s origins, as well as the various villains wrecking havoc in the city. The mainstream knows these characters. A few simple images will be more than enough to get the idea across to the audience. I would also want Batman’s character and costume to be based on his Arkham Asylum look.

True to the comics, still practical

This Batman suit is one of my favourites. It looks practical, like it could be used efficiently as a weapon. But also still rings very true to the comic design of Batman which would work well. I’d also want this Batman to be like he is an Arkham Asylum. I love what Nolan and Bale did with the character, showing him in his early years, struggling, unsure if he’s truly doing the right thing. I love that take on the character, but I wanna see something different. I want to see a more confident Batman. A Batman who’s already long established his presence in Gotham and knows what he’s doing. I still want  Batman pushed and challenged, but he doesn’t need to be so full of self doubt. Basically I wanna see a Batman as badass as characters like James Bond and Indiana Jones.

What villains do I wanna see? I want to see villains that we would have never seen in the Nolan films. Give me Clayface, Man-Bat, Mr. Freeze, etc. I love Nolan’s realism, but I wanna see things get shaken up. I also know Warner Bros. wants to do a Justice League film, so setting up Batman in a comic book type setting is essential for that.

Mr. Freeze at his best

Of course you still have to pick who plays Batman, and who directs the film(s). The one name I hear thrown around a lot as a potential Batman is Karl Urban. Personally, I think that’s a pretty solid choice. He has a good like for Batman, and he’s had some solid performances. I don’t know if he could pull off Batman for sure, but I’d be interested to see him try. As for a director? Well, honestly, no one immediately jumps to mind. Ideally, I’d have a young, talented director with a lot of ambition and passion for Batman tackle the franchise.  Similar skills to Nolan, different vision.

Urban as Burce Wayne, do you see it?

Following these steps, the film would do a good job distinguishing itself from the much loved Nolan franchise. It would give the series it’s own flavor. You’d still have fans complaining about how much better the Nolan films are, there always is, but at least the new films would have genuine ambitions to do something different. In all honesty though we’ve seen tons of remakes and reboots of super hero films in the last few years. I’m not entirely against a Batman reboot now that Nolan is done, but there are plenty of other, more creative ways to do Batman films than just rebooting it. What are those creative ways that I speak of? Stay tuned for the third and final part in “Beyond The Dark Knight Rises”.

If the Batman films do get rebooted, what do you want to see in them? Leave your answers in the comments.

  1. MC Wishchitz says:

    The end of Nolans direction means that any chance of seeing a Riddler played seriously is pretty well dead, which is a damn shame, because I personally think Bryan Cranston would have been the perfect man for that job.

    I don’t know what I’d want to see in a Batman reboot, but I definitely want Penguin to have a role–At least as a secondary villain: I’d argue he’s one of the more iconic Batman villains, and I think that using him as a villain in both Bruce Waynes and Batman arcs in the movie would stir the pot quite nicely.

    I think Black Mask also has great potential for new life in a reboot.

    • pgcooper1939 says:

      Agreed with almost everything you said, though I will say I still think there’s a chance for a serious Riddler. Thought it would have been nice to see Nolan’s interpretation.

  2. Interesting ideas. I like the idea of Karl Urban as Batman! :)

  3. ianthecool says:

    Honestly, I’m happy with what I got in terms of Batman films. So I don’t really care if they now pick where Batman and Robin left off and have a super-CGI Clayface and a neon orange scarecrow.

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  5. r361n4 says:

    I did love how everyone was speculating so much on whether or not JGL would play the riddler that they didn’t even consider him being set up to be Robin, but as much as I want to see more Nolan-style Batman I don’t think that the franchise could be succesfully continued around the sidekick. I’m fervently opposed to any sort of reboot (Though if it does happen I agree that the look of Arkham Ayslum would fit it well) but I do think there is the possibility for it to be continued without Nolan in the directing chair but rather in a producing role a la Man of Steel with his brother Jonathan taking the writing reins.

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