PG Cooper: Mission Accomplished

Posted: September 1, 2012 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in Commentary

On July 1st of 2012, I set the challenging goal of delivering new content on this website every day for the summer. I doubted such a goal would be possible, but I set it anyway. Today I can say with pride that such a goal was accomplished. Between movie battles, blogathons, retrospectives, movie of the months, remake comparisons, time-capsule reviews, poems, director talks, and the contemporary reviews expected from a movie review blog, PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews always had daily content.

I owe this victory to an impressive writing team that made having daily content an easy goal. MC Wishchitz made an impressive and unexpected return while site co-runner HT Schuyler continued to put out quality material. We were also joined by three new writers; JJ Silf, theameircan86, and moviebuff801, all of which have already made impressive contributions to the site and remain excellent additions.

But enough patting ourselves on the back, I have some updates and news. First and foremost, my friend Ian has started an awesome series called “Film Through The Ages”, where a group of writers are each given a year and are asked to select the best film of said year. I was lucky enough to be asked to participate and if my luck holds out hopefully I can return to the series. Anyway, it’s a great post and there are a lot of excellent films being discussed, I highly recommend checking it out.

What can you expect from PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews in the future? Well for one, the daily content will eventually stop. I have enough reserve posts and other articles lying around to continue it for a few more days, but the site will soon return to a more weekly schedule. As far as specific content, all the usual content you’ve come to expect will be returning in full force. Moviebuff has a time capsule review waiting in the wings as I speak, and everyone has time capsule reviews planned. In addition to the usual, I will be participating in the 7 X 7 award thanks to Paula of Paula’s Cinema Club.

Before I close off, I want to say thank you to one more group of people; you. That’s right, you, our readers. Whether you’re a fellow blogger or just a fan, we greatly appreciate your support. This summer has seen a steady amount of views throughout as well as interaction in the comments section. Thank you for encouraging and supporting our work, we hope you continue to do so!


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