PG Cooper Film Club: The People vs. George Lucas Review

Posted: September 21, 2012 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in Film Club Reviews, PG Cooper's Movie Reviews

*I can’t really judge documentaries on the same scale I do regular films and find myself very bias, therefore I will not be giving The People vs. George Lucas a letter grade, but I will talk about how I felt.

The People vs. George Lucas is a documentary that follows the rise and fall of George Lucas as a filmmaker, while asking what George owes his fans (if anything) and who truly owns the Star Wars films.

I find this film an entertaining look into Star Wars fandom, but as an exploration of George Lucas I was a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, everything is entertaining enough, but I found the Red Letter Media prequel reviews far more insightful and interesting when it comes to studying Lucas. I also feel that some of the arguments people presented tended to get tired and repetitive.

On the plus side, the documentary is very well paced and I was never bored while watching. Th film was probably at its most compelling when discussing Lucas’ decision to not release the original trilogy without alterations where it rose the question of not just who owns Star Wars, but who owns any form of art after it has been completed, which is an interesting debate. Another thing I noticed about the documentary is that I find myself wishing I had participated in it. If nothing else, I’ll give The People vs. George Lucas credit for making me want to get involved.

Overall, this is an entertaining documentary, particularly if you’re a Star Wars fan. But in an age where we have “The Phantom Edit” and Red Letter Media’s prequel reviews, The People vs. George Lucas also feels a tad unnecessary. This won’t blow your mind with new information about Lucas, Star Wars, or fandom, but it is a decent documentary that’s worth the hour and a half.

  1. I’ve never gotten around to watching this, though its had my curiousity for ages…

    Mainly I avoid it because I like keeping my “Lucas Rage” in check, and I feel as though this would fire it up. :D

    Those Red Letter Media videos are a gift from the comedy gods, arent they? There are times when I wonder if my love for them doesnt make the shitty Star Wars prequels worthwhile…

    • pgcooper1939 says:

      It probably will fire up said Lucas rage. Watching this just made me want to jump in to the Lucas debate. And yeah, I love Red Letter Media. In that respect, I do think they make the prequels worthwhile. Not just because those videos are hilarious, and they are, but also because I find them very insightful and informative. I actually think I’ve learned somethings about film criticism from those videos.

  2. ianthecool says:

    The art debate is very interesting, and to be honest I’m not sure where I fall on it. I understand how when you create something you want to hold onto it. But I also see the other side where art some belong to the the zeitgiest of human experience.
    In Lucas’ case though, with the high stakes of film-making as an art, without the fans he would not have been able to carry out the vision of completing his saga in the same format. So there is that to keep in mind as well. (Come on George, we’re not asking for much! Just a simple blu-ray set!!)

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