PG Cooper: Best Fight and Best Shootout (2012)

Posted: January 14, 2013 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in PGCMAs

PGCMA 2012

*The above image represents 2011’s PGCMA Best Picture winner; Drive.

Best Fight

Batman Meets Bane, The Dark Knight RisesThe first act of The Dark Knight Rises is when the film is at its weakest, however things pick up fast when Batman and Bane have their first showdown. Batman throws everything he can at Bane, but Bane effortlessly beats the Dark Knight down. To see Batman be decimated by an enemy so easily is very unsettling.

Hulk vs. Thor, The AvengersThe Avengers featured a lot of inner-group conflict and this is my favourite scene of it. Seeing The Hulk and Thor duke it out is a ton of fun, especially since it’s one of the few action scenes where Thor is “the little man”. The scene is also full of fun geeky moments like when Hulk tries to lift Thor’s hammer.

“I didn’t do nothing”, Killing Them Softly– This isn’t really a fight so much as it is a brutal beating, but the scene is too memorable and effective to ignore. The mob thinks Micky Tratman (Ray Liotta) has stolen their money, so they send two goons to rough him up. What follows is one of the most vicious beatings on film in recent memory.

Silhouettes, Skyfall– The choreography of this scene is nothing to write home about. It’s pretty much Bond and a goon punching each other, but Roger Deakins’cinematography really makes this something special. The silhouetted images look awesome against the dark blue background and I love the way this fight ends.

Teamwork, The Raid– Two characters team up and fight a really tough bad guy. Doesn’t sound like much, but when you take into account the incredible fight choreography and the talent of the cast it makes for one hell of a scene. Brutal, fast paced, and awesome, this fight scene is essentially a microcosm of the entire film.

And The Winner Is…




The Raid

the-raid-poster This award has belonged to The Raid since day one. The whole film is a series of blistering fight scenes which are the best in years. To not give award the film on its fights would be insane. I probably could have chosen any of the film’s fight scenes, but this one stood out because it was the only real fight where the opponents were more or less equally matched.

Best Shootout

Canaries, Zero Dark Thirty– Instead of going for loud, fast, and violent, this shootout focuses on tactics. It’s a much slower shootout than the other entrees, but therein lays its appeal. It’s interesting to see what tactics are used and the film has the added challenge of taking something we all know the end of (the raid of Osama Bin Laiden’s compound) and making it suspenseful.

Climax, Skyfall– I love the way this scene inverts the old Bond trope of storming the villain’s lair. There’s a lot of exciting stuff here and the scene is highly suspenseful. Also, the way Bond’s Aston Martin is used? Awesome.

“Couldn’t resist”, Django Unchained– Taking the audience off guard, this scene is a bloody spectacle of over the top violence. It’s highly entertaining is boosted by the unexpected use of 2pac.

Graveyard, Seven Psychopaths– In general, Seven Psychopaths wasn’t the comedy I was hoping for. This scene however is beyond hilarious. Sam Rockwell’s character describes how he’d finish the story and what follows is a ridiculously over the top and entertaining shootout. The hyper stylized violence is used to great comedic effect and the scene is easily the film’s highlight.

In The Dark, The Raid– This scene is pretty simple; our heroes are trapped in a bad place and are being shot at by automatic weapons. A high amount of tension is built and one can almost viscerally feel the scene.

And The Winner Is…




Zero Dark Thirty

Print I loved all of these scenes, but in the end I had to give it up to Zero Dark Thirty. This is an extremely well executed scene on a technical level and to see the culmination of the manhunt is very cathartic. The scene also stands out because of its sense of realism that most shootouts lack.

  1. Even though Hulk vs Thor would have my vote (because of the way it geeked out the comic book geek in me), it’s hard to deny The Raid anything fight related. So incredible. I’d have given it best shootout, too! :D

    • pgcooper1939 says:

      Hulk vs. Thor IS a great scene. Best Shootout was actually close between The Raid, Skyfall, and Zero Dark Thirty, which is interesting because past years the shootout category was pretty weak.

  2. Fantastic list, I loved the HULK VS THOR moment in The Avengers.

  3. Nick Powell says:

    Well damn, I think you nailed every fight and every shootout I loved in 2012. I loved Seven Psychopaths and the Graveyard scene proved to be the first climactic scene, as another one followed later. Laughed my ass off the entire time.

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