PG Cooper: Best Art Direction, Best Make-Up, and Best Costume Design (2012)

Posted: January 16, 2013 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in PGCMAs

PGCMA 2012

*The above image represents 2011’s Best Picture PGCMA winner; Drive.

Best Art Direction

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey– Though I don’t think the art direction is as good as what Peter Jackson and company were able to accomplish with The Lord of the Rings, the world of middle-earth is still wonderfully realized and the new locations were cool too.

Les MiserablesLes Miserables is a depressing and black story which is reflected in the film’s art direction. The sets are bleak and ugly while still maintaining a creative look.

Lincoln– There’s nothing overly flashy about the production design in Lincoln. Spielberg and his team just create the year 1865 extremely effectively.

Prometheus– The world of Prometheus is a perfect extension of the world Ridley Scott created with Alien. The sets feel very real which helps lend credibility to such a sci-fi spectacle.

The Woman in BlackThe Woman in Black creates a very dark and gothic setting. It doesn’t excel, but it is very effective.

And The Winner Is…





 Prometheus-Movie-PosterAll of these films had great production design, but it’s Prometheus that impressed me more than the others. Why? Because of all the worlds put on screen this year, Prometheus is the one I wish to explore the most.

Best Make-Up

The Cabin in the Woods– The make-up is only used in two main ways. One, to show how badly injured characters are. Two, to create badass monsters. Though used in a limited fashion, the make-up is very effective and well done.

The Grey-It may seem strange to nominate a film about a bunch of burly men in the make-up category, but I was really impressed by how the make-up team depicted these guys slowly freezing to death.

Lincoln– The obvious reason is the make-up used to make Daniel-Day Lewis look like Lincoln which is indeed great. I also like how the make-up made the supporting cast look more believable in their roles.

Looper– The make-up effects divided those who saw Looper; some loved it, others hated it. Clearly I’m the in the former.

Prometheus– In addition to making one of the cast members look older than sin, make-up is also used for some cool creature effects.

And The Winner Is…





o-LINCOLN-POSTER-570 I think the reason the make-up team is being overlooked is that people are so enamoured with Daniel Day-Lewis’ blistering performance that they’re not noticing all the hard work the make-up crew put into the film. It’s alarming how close Lewis resembles honest Abe in the film, and the make-up for the supporting cast helps their characters feel more real instead of celebrities in a movie.

Best Costume Design

ArgoArgo perfectly captures the styles of the 1970s clothing and lends credibility to the proceedings. The key to their success is in not overdoing the era’s clothing to the point of parody.

Django UnchainedDjango features tons of colourful and interesting costumes which match the era while also feeling perfect for the character. Christoph Waltz looks especially badass.

The MasterThe Master effectively creates 50’s clothing, but I was even more impressed with how perfect the clothes fit the characters. I especially liked a scene where Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix) has to where a suit. The way he struggles and awkwardly moves in it says a lot.

Moonrise Kingdom– I love how colourful and vibrant all of the characters’ costumes are. All of the really stand out and the fact that I can remember details of the costumes says something about their quality.

Lincoln– Like the production design, the costume design isn’t meant to show off. Instead the intent is to realistically capture the time period. This goal is achieved fully with all of the characters’ costumes feeling designed with purpose from Lincoln himself to memorable characters like military hospital doctor.

And The Winner Is…




Moonrise Kingdom

moonrise Moonrise Kingdom doesn’t seem like the obvious choice, but it won this award easily. I think I look for different things in costume design than most people. Instead of looking for historical accuracy, I like the costumes which stand out, show creativity, and become inseparable from their characters. The fact that 90% of the cast can be identified just by their clothes made this an easy choice.

  1. As much as I’ve been bagging on “Prometheus”, I do have to say it did have great design. And of course, Lincoln had great makeup. Moonrise Kingdom’s win here is… less surprising than its last one. LOL

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