PG Cooper: Best Comedy, Best Horror, and Best Action Film (2012)

Posted: January 22, 2013 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in PGCMAs

PGCMA 2012

*The above image represents 2011’s PGCMA Best Picture winner; Drive.

Best Comedy

21 Jump Street– I didn’t expect much from 21 Jump Street, so I was shocked to laugh my ass off throughout the runtime. 21 Jump Street is the kind of comedy that continuously throws jokes at the audience. Luckily, a vast majority of the jokes work.

The Dictator– Though not as funny or as smart as Cohen’s Borat and Bruno, I still had a good time with The Dictator and found some big laughs.

Moonrise Kingdom– The laughs found in Moonrise Kingdom may not be as hard as the laughs in 21 Jump Street, but Moonrise Kingdom is an incredibly amusing film which benefits from off-beat characters and absurd situations.

Seven Psychopaths– I was disappointed with Seven Psychopaths, but the film does have some hilarious moments and if nothing else took some big chances.

Silver Linings PlaybookSilver Linings Playbook’s comedy doesn’t come from ludicrous characters or situations. It comes from real life and real people facing real issues. It’s funny because it’s honest, and is also sweet, charming, and ultimately rewarding.

And The Winner Is…




Silver Linings Playbook 

silver-linings-posterSilver Linings Playbook isn’t the comedy you watch with your buds when you want a lot of big laughs. It’s the comedy you watch for the smaller but smarter laughs, the one you watch that fills you with a warm feeling. I saw funnier films than Silver Linings Playbook in 2012, but no film left me feeling as good inside.

Best Horror Film

The Cabin in the Woods– Though at times it packs some big laughs, Cabin in the Woods succeeds as both a horror experience as well as a breakdown of horror film elements.

The Grey– Though it may not seem like a horror film, the tale of abandoned men trying to survive both the elements and a ravenous pack of wolves is pretty terrifying to me. A tense atmosphere and a literal cold feeling reinforce the horror.

Prometheus– Horror is only one part of Prometheus, but an important one. This section of the film packs some big thrills, one of the best scenes in any film all year, and is the film’s genre tie to Alien.

The Woman in Black– Not the greatest of films, but The Woman in Black earns points for its creepy sets and atmosphere. It’s also one of the few pure horror films I’ve seen all year.

And The Winner Is…




The Cabin in the Woods

cabin in the woodsI don’t think it was a very good year for horror films, though I admittedly never got to see Sinister. Most of the mainstream horror releases looked terrible, I only have four nominees instead of five (no way The Devil Inside was gonna get a nomination), and half the nominees have genre classification issues. Even Cabin in the Woods is more funny than it is scary. Still, it’s clever analysis of the genre while still celebrating the genre makes it a worthy enough winner.

Best Action Film

The Avengers– Even a lot of the best comic book films only have one great set-piece. The Avengers has several. There’s Black Widow’s interrogation, Captain America vs. Loki, Thor vs. Iron Man, the assault on the heli-carrier, Thor vs. Hulk, and the award winning finale. Awesome.

The Expendables 2– I did not like the first Expendables and my expectations for the sequel were pretty low. I was in turn shocked by how much I enjoyed it. The film is dumb don’t get me wrong, but I had a blast.

Looper– I expected a smart science fiction film from Looper, but I did not expect a brutal action film that has Bruce Willis mowing down goons, making Looper entertaining for both the sci-fi fan and the action fan. Being both I was thoroughly entertained.

The Raid– In addition to having the best fights of the year, The Raid also features some scary shoot-outs and a pretty inventive chase. There’s also just the right amount of story and character. And did I mention the fight scenes are great? Cause they really are.

Skyfall– Fights, shoot-outs, and chases oh my! Skyfall has it all, and throws in some great set-pieces as an added bonus. More importantly though, the story and characters are at the film’s forefront and the action serves them, not vice versa.

And The Winner Is…





skyfall-posterI strongly considered The Raid, but at the end of the day I couldn’t deny Skyfall. No other action film so effectively balanced story, character, theme, technical elements, and of course action as well. James Bond is undeniably one of the great action heroes, and Skyfall helps solidify that title

  1. moviebuff801 says:

    I wasn’t THAT crazy about Cabin In The Woods, but I love both Silver Linings Playbook and Skyfall. Excellent choices.

  2. r361n4 says:

    Hells yeah for Skyfall and Cabin in the woods, but it hardly seems fair to call Silver Linings Playbook a Comedy in the same sense as 21 Jump Street or Ted. Lol, still not as unfair as including Les Miserables in the Golden Globes category for this year though.

    Good picks nonetheless :)

  3. Surprised me there, with the “Skyfall” pick, I felt for sure for some reason you would pick the Avengers.

  4. ianthecool says:

    Man, you have so much genre cross-overs in your nominations that I wonder if these sort of genre seperations should even be considered.

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