5 Reasons Batman vs Superman Will Be Great…Two Why It Might Not Be

Posted: September 28, 2013 by pecknt in Commentary

Written by PeckNT

Why It Will Be GreatBD-S-7246

Show Us What We Don’t Know, Stop Telling Us What We Do

  • Snyder and Co can avoid an easy misstep by simply doing one thing right with the Batman vs Superman story, avoid showing us the origins of Batman (and the company he brings). The Bruce Wayne story is tried and true, most people are still familiar with the Nolan story, so don’t relent on wasting important runtime to re-explain familiar ideas. Burton grasped this idea well, with some exposition dialogue revealing Bruce’s pain, while also relying on flashbacks to show an emotional character. The worst thing Snyder can do is to re-tell a story we already know.batman-live-characters-745548959-3270667

Cut The Fat

  • Batman and Superman as characters themselves can hold a movie (as they clearly have shown) because of the wealth of characters around them. Batman vs Superman will be a clear test, and proving ground that the fat from both of these characters wealthy backgrounds MUST be cut in order to make this film successful. The film cannot rely on nostalgia to propel the film forward with random cameo scenes just for the sake of doing so. Characters like Jimmy Olsen, who do not provide enough backing to the plot just don’t have room to be in the film. My rule of thumb on this is simple: if they act on TWO of the THREE personas that Batman/Superman are, then they SHOULD be in this film. The personas being, Bruce Wayne’s Playboy, Batman and Bruce Wayne the tormented. Superman’s would be Clark Kent, Superman and Kal El. Characters like Clark’s Mom, or Lois Lane factor into this as well as Alfred and Commissioner Gordon for Batman. This is key to streamlining this movie for maximum entertainment.batman-vs-superman2

Batman vs Superman in name ONLY

  • The title itself implies the obvious, Superman and Batman will battle off, whether or not this will be the focus point will have to wait until we see the film, but simply put, the film will not work if it is. First reason being, Batman is a peak physical conditioned human (still capable of ridiculous feats) is still no match for an omnipotent God like Superman. Batman’s reliance on cheating (as he did in the final match with Superman in TDKR) might come to play a lot of times, but even still with the immense power that Snyder has given his Superman, it’s impossible to say this would even be much of a fight. (Spoiler) Superman barely struggled to snap Zod’s neck at the end of Man of Steel, another omnipotent like being. What stops him from doing that to a mere human? Nothing. Second, the film has to do the bait and switch. Batman and Superman at the end of the day believe in absolute justice, just different shades of it. It’s a bond worth noting in the film, and therefore should be employed against an actual villain, say Lex Luthor. Thirdly, I imagine with the heat Snyder/Goyer took with Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman will be trailed back a lot in the excessive action scenes, therefore allowing for more dialogue driven scenes (hopefully). I am sure, at one point in the film, we will probably see the epic clash of the character titans, and also see Batman in his super batsuit. However, you cannot make a movie based off nostalgia action sequences for the hell of it (Right, Michael Bay?)Ark-mans-riddle-2--article_image

Let Bruce Wayne Carry Metropolis

  • After the announcing of this film, I always wondered if the destruction of Metropolis was planned to develop a trilogy, or merely done for the sake of doing so. I only say that because it is perfect grounds to bring in the slick, money throwing, big smiling, philanthropist Bruce Wayne into the picture. As described in comics (as well as Nolan’s films) the Wayne’s do a lot for their cities, and have a big stake in positively effecting lives. It is safe to say Wayne would like to aid Metropolis, and this is grounds for pushing Batman/Superman together, as well as having Clark/Bruce clash in their normal personas.  This also lets Lex Luthor come into play for wanting to rebuild the city, in what we could say is a sort of nod to No Man’s Land. Regardless, the film can make for an interesting character dynamic by having Bruce be invested in Metropolis.Ben-Affleck1-214x300

The Affleck Factor

  • Let’s get this out of the way. Ben Affleck is the new Batman. Love it or hate it. Ben Affleck has done atrociously awful movies. Is there room for griping? Yes, a lot of people had a select decision in mind, and at the end of the day, nobody really wanted Affleck. However, is this good decision? Yes. I might even go as far as calling it great. All myth’s aside, Ben Affleck is NOT a bad actor. He just made bad choices (Thanks JLo). Affleck has done some GREAT films in the past 5 or so years, even earning 2 Oscar’s for that. Physically he is a good match for Batman, and both Bruce Wayne, possessing a charisma that Bale had, with perhaps more of a brooding sensibility. I cannot bash the man until I see a production still, or even a trailer, and even still, I think it is worth waiting it out until we leave the theater.

Why It Won’t BeZack-Snyder-at-the-Berlin-001

Snyder’s…Well, Snyder

  • Zack Snyder is a talented Director in Hollywood, capable of providing a worthy entertainment going experience. Beyond that, the man suffers at adapting, and accurately telling a thematic story worthy of watching. All too often, his immature attributes come out and force a film into a maniacal montage of blinding rage violence for the sake of being such. Snyder is only a hot babe, and a few product placements away from being Michael Bay. That being said, I think he showed a great amount of restraint in Man of Steel that I perhaps have not seen from him since Dawn of the Dead. While the action was perhaps heavy, heaviest out of all the films he has Directed, it was fueled by a story worthy of your time and attention. If Batman vs Superman is to succeed, it will require Snyder’s finest effort to restrain the child inside of him, as well as restraining the need to provide fans the need for metaphorical comic book porn. Snyder needs to focus on telling a story that should be told, rather than telling a story fan’s want to be told.  If he can somehow capture a captivating chemistry between Cavill and Affleck before epic battles ensue, than this could make for one hell of a film.Christopher-Nolan

Nolan Training Wheels Are Gone

  • Zack Snyder and David Goyer both operate under the same ideology, if they have someone guide, or even oversee their work, then they can craft something worthy of watching. Goyer is the biggest culprit (Insert Blade Trinity, The Unborn, and countless other 5 dollar bin films) but under the right guidance (IE, Man of Steel’s producer/The Dark Knight Trilogy Director, Christopher Nolan) he can craft solid works (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight). That all being said, Nolan decided because of the financial success of the film, to step back even further and let Snyder/Goyer carry the load. This might be the biggest mistake the film could make. Nolan is an excellent creative mind, possessing an advance intellect to the creation of film, its processes and also being one hell of a story teller. Most of all, Nolan never really cared about telling a story people wanted to hear, nor doing what people wanted him to do. He also wanted to go after what was best for the characters, and their natural journeys. Don’t believe me? The man picked Heath Ledger. Yeah, same guy everyone bitched about. The man decided Bane would be the main villain in The Dark Knight Rises. Oh, poor villain choice. Both choices were excellent casting/story decisions. Ironically, most of the complaints Nolan had about the script that he wanted change, were ones audiences had problems with (Superman killing Zod, excessive violence, etc). This is not to say Nolan is perfect. His need to find realism in character worlds that were not intended to be realistic can cause story problems, so him taking a step back could be a good thing. That, and this could be a show of good faith to Snyder. I just am all too cautious when it comes to Snyder/Goyer being 100% in control of a film. Hopefully, I am wrong.
  1. brikhaus says:

    Insightful post. I didn’t know Nolan was taking the training wheels off for the next one. God help us all…

  2. Luis Felipe says:

    What?! Nolan is going to quit the wheels?! God help us…

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