PGCMAs: Best Poster and Best Trailer (2013)

Posted: January 27, 2014 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in PGCMAs

Written by Daniel “PG Cooper” Simpson PGCMA 2013*The above image represents 2012’s PGCMA Best Director and Best Picture winner; Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master.

Best Poster

Posters aren’t pivotal to a film’s ad campaign like they used to be, but every so often an artist really does something creative with one.

Evil DeadWhat’s great about this poster is that it makes the intentions of the film clear. This won’t be going for the camp of the original series, but a more brutal horror experience. Arrogant though the tagline may be, it really works.

GravitySimple, but awesome. The image of the lone astronaut floating off into the emptiness speaks to one of the main fears the film plays on while simultaneously emphasiing the individual over the ensemble. I also like how they didn’t just slap celebrities Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s mugs all over it.

The Secret Life of Walter MittyI didn’t particularly care for this poster until I realized the background was made up of other posters for the film. That’s pretty cool.

Spring BreakersThe image is not only provocative, but there’s also something ugly and grimey about it. The ski-mask and gun also speak to the film’s violent undertones. Love the juxtaposition of bright colours in such a dark context.

The Wolf of Wall StreetThis poster is guilty of placing its star at the front and center of everything, but the ensuing madness behind him thinly veiled by Jordan Belfort attempting to look professional is a good presentation of the film. In fact it can also be seen as a joke on the audience who expected more of a prestige picture from Martin Scorsese.

And The Winner Is…




Evil Dead


Not only does the poster accurately evoke the movie it represents, it also just looks really freaking cool.

Best Trailer

You ever see a movie, and sometimes the trailers shown before are the best part? I know I have and this award is dedicated to the best of the best.

The EastThis trailer has personal value to me since when I first saw it I bought into the fake opening infomercial. It’s a great way to lure in the audience. The teaser itself is very dark, intense, and intriguing. I had no idea what The East was when I first saw the trailer, but I was curious afterwards.

Only God ForgivesIn many ways, this movie is tailor made for a trailer. It’s got lots of creative visuals, bizarre music, and bursts of action. It may not flow as a film, but it makes for a badass trailer.

The Place Beyond the PinesThough the trailer makes the film look like more of a crime thriller than it really is, I still love it. It’s very exciting and dramatic while also showing a glimpse and the various storylines. I also commend it for not giving away the film’s big twist.

The Secret Life of Walter MittyThough the movie ended up a disappointment, I still can’t deny how strong the trailer was. It’s a great mix of fantastical visuals and a really good song. There’s something very intriguing about the trailer, even after seeing the completed project.

The Wolf of Wall StreetThough the first, more fast-paced trailer was great, it’s the second that I really responded to. It’s very exciting, full of great lines, has great music, and is just really well put together. Plus, for all the awesome things the trailer shows, the movie still had plenty of other surprises up its sleeve.

And The Winner Is…




The East

All of these trailers are fun to watch, but The East wins out for saying a lot while simultaneously saying a little. You know from the trailer that the film is an intense corporate thriller and it involves an organization called “The East” which targets major corporations for their crimes. At the same time, it reveals nothing in as far as plot or characters. It gives you everything that would make you want to see it while still keeping a lot a mystery. Great marketing.

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