PGCMAs: Best Poster and Best Trailer (2014)

Posted: February 8, 2015 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in PGCMAs

Written by Daniel “PG Cooper” Simpson PGCMA 2014*The above image represents 2013’s PGCMA Best Director and Best Picture winner; Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave.

Best Poster

Godzilla: Godzilla had a lot of great posters, but my personal favourite is this one which shows Godzilla’s shape formed in the smoke coming from the back of the city. It’s an awesome image which speaks to the destructive force that Godzilla is.

Inherent Vice: Inherent Vice also had tons of great posters and if this one didn’t exist I’m sure I would have nominated another one. The psychedelic colours are great, the image of all the characters spilling out of Doc’s head captures the film well.

Interstellar: Sometimes a minimalist poster is all you need. The choice to make the title ascend from the bottom is an obvious visual way to speak to the film’s ideas and ambitions and the poster captures the farm setting Cooper comes from too. However the kicker is the tagline; “Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.” Great stuff.

The Interview: This poster always brings a smile to my face. The extreme propaganda style is fun, the framing of Rogen and Franco as epic heroes is funny, and the poster even does something neat with the clichéd “From the filmmakers who brought you” with “From the Western Capitalist Pigs who Brought You Neighbors and This is the End.”

Nymphomaniac: Ah, such simple yet simultaneously provocative imagery. The fact this movie was so controversial yet this poster is so basic almost seems like a bonus “Fuck you,” from Lars Von Trier.

And the winner is…




Inherent Vicetumblr_nhtjwiFhx61tmhoieo1_500

Of all of these posters, this is the one I’d most want to put on my wall. It looks awesome, it fits the movie perfectly, and honestly I find Joaquin Phoenix’s facial expression to be especially hilarious.

Best Trailer

American Sniper: Clint Eastwood had been in something of a slump since Gran Torino and with every passing disappointment the film community seemed less and less interested in Eastwood’s work. Then this excellent teaser hit and damn near everyone had a completely changed perception. It’s a masterfully cut trailer which focuses on one intense seat and really sells the film.

Godzilla: For a long time, I didn’t care at all about the American Godzilla remake. I wasn’t mad that it was being remade, but I had no interest in seeing it either. After this trailer, it become a must-see. The imagery of a destroyed city, the brief tease of Godzilla himself, the music from 2001, and the Robert Oppenheimer narration all created a tone of dread and heavy thematic content. The film may have been a disappointment, but this trailer still excites me.

Gone Girl: Gone Girl’s first trailer did a pretty good job juxtaposing the spot with a romantic song, but this one really sold the film. It give viewers a tease of the plot without revealing any of the film’s crucial twists, while also teasing the score and the great cast. The trailer is also editied in a way that constantly builds, culminating with the, “kill me,” line.

Inherent Vice: I spent much of 2014 saying the same thing; “Where the fuck is the Inherent Vice trailer?” Then this thing finally hit, and even knowing this was gonna be more zany than Paul Thomas Anderson’s other films, I was still taking a back by this trailer. This is fast-paced trailer full of fun character bits and lots of humour. The trailer also does a surprisingly decent job selling the labyrinthine plot to a wide audience.

X-Men: Days of Future Past: The first trailer was a little rushed, and the third trailer emphasized the film’s action and comedy a bit too much. This second trailer however captured Days of Future Past perfectly. We see the bleakness of the future, the stakes of the mission, get a sense of the plot, teases of some epic action, and some scattered dramatic lines that do carry weight even out of context. Even from the trailer, you could tell this would be more than a comic book movie.

And the winner is…




American Sniperamerican_sniper_ver2

A year ago, I was positive Godzilla would win the Best Trailer award. Then I saw the movie and I realized how inaccurate the trailer was to the film itself, which opened up this category all over again. This trailer on the other hand works perfectly within a vacuum and represents the film very accurately. It’s a tense, nail-biting trailer which, given the film’s incredible box-office success, clearly worked.

  1. ianthecool says:

    So your thoughts on trailers is actually tied to the film itself, not as a separate entity?

    • PG Cooper says:

      Partially. I think a trailer should accurately represent the goals and tone of a film, at least to some degree. The Godzilla teaser is awesome, but it’s somber tone, nuclear allusions, and references to Godzilla being this force of pure destruction and horror are a pretty misleading.

  2. moviebuff801 says:

    Excellent choice on Best Trailer, but personally, my choice would have to be the second trailer for Interstellar, which unfortunately wasn’t even nominated. To me, that trailer expertly portrayed what the movie would be — it kept focus on the human/emotional aspects of the plot while still offering glimpses of its more grand moments in space, but not too much, and it also managed to capture a real emotional atmosphere but also a sense of grandeur through the use of the Evey Reborn track from V For Vendetta.

    • PG Cooper says:

      A lot of the Interstellar trailers were strongly considered, but each had at least one detail I didn’t like which, given the short length of a trailer, was problematic. Still, cutting Interstellar was one of the last cuts I made.

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