PGCMAs: Best Comedy and Best Horror Film (2015)

Posted: February 18, 2016 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in PGCMAs

Written by Daniel “PG Cooper” SimpsonPGCMA 2015

*The above image represents 2014’s PGCMA Best Director and Best Picture winner; Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman.

Best Comedy

The Martian: There has been a lot of debate regarding whether or not The Martian counts as comedy, but given Mark’s comedic attitude and the humorous soundtrack, I’d say it belongs. More importantly, the film made me laugh, more so than a lot of the “real” comedies in 2015.

The Night Before: There really isn’t anything new about making a raunchy Christmas comedy, but The Night Before succeeds thanks to some great jokes, a fun cast, and just the right amount of heart.

Shaun the Sheep Movie: Animation is one of the last places to find visual comedy in mainstream cinema and Aardman are old hands at this. Shaun the Sheep Movie essentially plays like a silent comedy, with all of the humour and plot deriving from the visual elements. It’s charming to see that in a kids’ film in 2015 and the film has a real wit.

Trainwreck: Like a lot of Judd Apatow films, I do think Trainwreck runs a little long and the third act in particularly isn’t the best, but what can I say, the film got a lot of laughs out of me. It’s an enjoyable film and the story and character beats were a lot more involving than I was expecting.

Wild Tales: This is certainly the darkest of all the nominees this year. Wild Tales is basically a revenge movie, but the humour comes from how petty the levels of vengeance sought often are. Not every story works perfectly, but in its best moments Wild Tales is pretty funny.

And the Winner Is…



The Night Before


The Night Before isn’t as bold as Shaun the Sheep or Wild Tales, it doesn’t announce a new talent like Trainwreck, and it doesn’t execute at the level of The Martian. So why is it winning the award for Best Comedy? Simply put, it provides the best comedic experience. The film has the biggest and most frequent laughs of any I saw all year and is generally a good time.

Best Horror Film

Disclaimer: I was unable to see Goodnight Mommy or What We Do in the Shadows.

Crimson Peak: I was thrilled to see a modern horror film really embrace high production. Crimson Peak features lavish costumes, some beautiful cinematography, and very lavish costumes. The story itself isn’t perfect, but the surface details are great and there’s a lot of fun to be had here.

The Gift: Every year I found myself nominating something that isn’t quite horror, but sort of on the line in my need to fill spots. This year that film is certainly The Gift, which leans a lot closer to thriller, but the film does instil a sense of dread and the third act reveals are pretty terrifying.

It Follows: This was the first 2015 film I saw and it has stuck with me since. It Follows is a neat little idea executed very well, with sharp cinematography, some good scenes, and an awesome score.

Unfriended: In spite of my apprehensions going in, Unfriended proved to be a solid horror film that did a good job exploring teen anxieties in a social media world. It’s also an entertaining little watch.

And the winner is…



It Follows


No gimmicks, no sense of irony, no pandering; It Follows thrives purely as a well-executed and engaging work of horror filmmaking. Additionally, the film’s commitment to metaphorical and allegorical readings is a welcome change of pace when Hollywood seems content with just a few jump scares.

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