Five Dystopias to Expect if Donald Trump is Elected President

Posted: October 25, 2016 by Daniel Simpson (PG Cooper) in Lists

We’re near the end of the Presidential race and America is dangerously close to electing a hate-mongering, prejudiced cry baby with no political experience to their highest office. As you can probably guess, I’m no fan of Donald Trump. Donald has proven himself to be a hateful monster completely unfit for office time and time again. For all his failings though, I do think he represents a serious threat to the world. To illustrate that, I’ve chosen five dystopias that I think are likely possibilities if this pathetic pile of human filth takes power.

5. Fascist Government, V for Vendettav-for-vendetta-adam-susan

The governmental structure in Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s iconic graphic novel V for Vendetta is highly similar to how I imagine a Donald Trump presidency might look. The fascist government which enforces law with iron rule, silences media that questions policy, and strives for purity by eliminating non-whites, the LGBTQ community, and anyone with a disability definitely speaks to the hateful rhetoric that has defined Donald and his campaign. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the fascist leader in V for Vendetta, Adam Susan, is described as being a self-obsessed crazy person unable to make reasonable connections to other human beings. While his personality may differ from Donald in other ways, those traits are strikingly similar.

4. The Wasteland, Mad Max: Fury Roadmad-max-fury-road-joe-and-company

Given his history of excessive consumption and declaring bankruptcy, it’s not hard to imagine Donald bankrupting world resources and leading to the ravaged world depicted in Mad Max. I highlight Fury Road in particular because a lot of the characters are analogous to Donald and his supporters. The man himself is mostly certainly Immortan Joe, a disgusting (physically and mentally) dictator who has created a cult of personality through empty rhetoric and nonsense. Joe’s main henchman, the bald Rictus Erectus, has gotta be Donald’s running mate, Mike Pence. True, Rictus and Pence do have pretty different personalities, but both are the second in command and both even kind of look alike. What about The Bullet Farmer, aka the crazy dude who screams he is the angel of death after being blinded and fires off some machine guns? Why Rudy Giuliani of course. Both are crazy dudes who like to yell and have fucked up eyes. Chris Christie is The People Eater, an overweight opportunist who is ultimately casually destroyed by the tyrannical monster he latched on to. I’m not really sure where I’d fit Ted Cruz into this, but I think he’d fit pretty well into the Wasteland.

3. War with the Machines, Terminator seriesterminator-future

In the Terminator movies, the military program Skynet unleashes a nuclear apocalypse after assessing all of humanity as a potential threat. An A.I. program might make a similar judgement if someone like Donald takes power. This is a guy who has spoken pretty casually about the use of nuclear weapons, has advocated for war crimes, and whose understanding of military doesn’t seem to go any deeper than “bombing the shit out of” his enemies. With enough power, Donald could be a genuine global threat and I can sympathize with Skynet wanting to take him down. Additionally, given Donnie’s references to, “the cyber” in the first debate, I don’t think the guy is exactly computer savvy and as such suspect he’d be completely ill-prepared for a rogue A.I.

2. Stepford, The Stepford Wivesstepford-wives

Spoiler alert for a film from 1975 (that pop culture has likely already spoiled), but The Stepford Wives is about a suburban neighborhood where all of the wives are replaced by robot replicas to please their husbands. Given Donald’s disdain and objectification of women, it’s pretty easy to see why this sort of society would appeal to him. The man’s statements have repeatedly enforced that he only sees women as trophies, as something to please himself. Stepford is a logical extension of this idea. Robot women don’t have to eat after all, so Donald won’t have to deal with the indignity of healthy weight gain for women, and he also won’t have to worry about, “blood coming out of their wherever”. However I think the clincher for Donald would be the fact that in Stepford he could grab all the pussy he wanted. It’s like they always say, “when you’re a star, and they’re a synthetic humanoid designed to obey your every want and desire, you can do anything.”

1. Columbia, Bioshock Infinitebioshock-infinite-columbia

More than any other dystopia, Columbia seems like a plausible future if Donald is elected president. Columbia is a city designed by an insane racist who uses hatred purely to build his own power and ambitions while creating the illusion that he fights for a cause and his people. The city he crafts is one that boasts of tradition and morals, but is actually the result of racial exclusion and bigotry. It’s so transparently Trump that in thirty years or so people might assume the game was a direct reaction to Donald’s bid for presidency. This is a city where the rich white people are able to live a life of leisure and happiness, but where everyone else is subjected to discrimination, hatred, violence, and borderline slavery. There are also business man in this city named Jerimah Fink, who pays his workers with a worthless currency only useful in Fink’s own stores. That certainly seems like the kind of horrid business practice Donald would support, particularly given his claims that his tax evasions are perfectly fine since their technically legal. It’s not hard to imagine what other ethical compromises Donald would make provided they be “technically legal”.

The head of Columbia is the self-proclaimed profit Comstock. His racism, ego, and vanity are certainly reflective of Donald, but the greatest similarity the two bear is their obsession with their own daughters. Put simply, I would not put it past Donald to wall his daughter Ivanka off in a private tower with no visitors that was guarded by a giant metallic songbird provided he had the technology and resources. Not only is such an ostentatious display perfectly in keeping with Donald’s own buildings, but it also would allow Donald to keep his precious Ivanka isolated and all to himself. At least Comstock’s isolating of Elizabeth had nothing to do with a fucking horrifying sexual attraction.

Some might criticize this list as being far-fetched and I suppose they’d be right. I don’t really expect robots to be running amok or flying cities, but the political and social consequences that underline each of the listed dystopias are very real possibilities under someone like Donald Trump. Each potential dystopia reflects the real statements Donald Trump has made, actions he has taken, and opinions he appears to hold. If you are in a position where you can vote to help stop this ill-prepared and hateful bigot from becoming president, please do so.

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Let’s sincerely hope watching these will be as close as this country gets to having an “…ill-prepared and hateful bigot from becoming president”. Hear, hear.

  2. themovievampire says:

    Surprised there’s no Children of Men given his backwards views of immigration.

  3. Andrea S. Myllymaki says:

    This is an excellent review of “The Donald”. As you say, far fetched, but it does have a ring of truth in it. Here we are on Election Day. I’d assume Hilary will get in, and I fear her as well, but obviously not in the same way.

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