The Writers

Given that the size of the site has grown dramatically, I thought it would be a good idea if the writers (all six of us) wrote a little bio about ourselves. Dear readers, I present to you, the PG Cooper writing staff.

PG Cooper:  I’m a University student with a love for movies. I’ve been a movie fan since I was a child, but it’s in the last seven years or so that I’ve really started to take film seriously as an art form. Since then, my knowledge and appreciation of film has expanded dramatically. I’ll watch damn near any film and have a level of admiration for all genres. My goal is to provide high quality reviews, in addition to lists, awards, retrospectives, and other fun articles. I plan to continue seeking out great films. Three of my favourite films: Taxi Driver, Blade Runner, and Magnolia.

HT Schuyler: My name is HT Schuyler, and I have been a film fan for basically my whole life. I spend most my days in a damp cave outside the Northern Isles of Scotland with my DVD player. Acquiring movies is difficult, but I’m lucky enough to have the assistance of an old one-eyed Irish sea captain named McGuffin, who brings me new releases in return for my aid in helping him build his time machine so he can return to the 70’s and live out his life-long ambition of being a Disco dancer by day and crime fighter by night under the name Arachnid-Man. PG Cooper first found me ranting to squirrels in Latin while standing in front of a SAW 3D poster, and decided I would be a perfect addition to the site.

My top 3 favourite movies are Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr., Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London and Citizen Kane. 

………………………………………………………….nah I’m just kidding.

But seriously my life is nowhere near that crazy, I’m just a normal dude who likes movies a lot. I can find some form of artistic value to pretty much any movie, and I don’t discriminate a film before I’ve given it the benefit of a doubt. I consider all films to play an important part in our history, even the really shitty ones. I find that the best way to fully experience a film is to express your opinions and thoughts on it, hence why I enjoy writing reviews. I enjoy writing about films in terms of reviews, lists, comparisons and pretty much every other way. My goal is to entertain, enlighten and maybe even educate, but overall just to enjoy film as an art form, while doing some writing on the side. Three of my REAL favourite films: Donnie Darko, Psycho and The Naked Gun.
MC Wishchitz: I’m a recent high school graduate with an eccentric streak and a love of film, particularly animation. I do a lot of writing as a past time and inspire to be a novelist. Three of my favourite films: Princess Mononoke, Hot Fuzz, and Mary & Max.

JJ Silf:  I am a University student that enjoys to watch and analyze film when I’m not studying to enter the world of Business in Sports. Movies have always occupied my life, but over the last few years, I’ve taken a greater interest in film analysis. I enjoy many genre’s of film but I would say that suspense thrillers, crime thrillers and psychological thrillers are those that interest me the most. I plan to provide you, the reader, with a coherent understanding of the films in which I review and hope to lead you to greater films which you can experience yourself. Three of my favourite films: Memento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, American History X.

moviebuff801: I’m a recent college graduate with a BFA in Creative Writing and a big interest/passion for film and writing. Throughout the past few years, I’ve applied my writing talents to film reviews, short stories, a novel or two and a few screenplays. My film horizons are ever-expanding, and I’ll sit through any movie I start, even the bad ones. I’ve been enthralled by movies ever since I was a young kid. A few of my favorite films include: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Se7en and Psycho.

the american86: Recent High School graduate, I am now attending college in the hopes of obtaining a PhD in Psychology. Despite being surrounded by questionable people, I absolutely love quality movies/television. When I’m not watching movies, I’m outside playing Basketball/Football, working out, or attempting to pick up a cute girl. My life also revolves around Batman. Three of my favourite films: The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Editor’s Note: We also have our own theme song.

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